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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Craf-T Chalks Review and More...

I love reviewing new playthings when it comes to art supplies and creating! So, when I came across these lovely colors at such a reasonable price, I couldn't pass them up. As we know, the other chalks I have seen  out there in the scrapbooking aisles and the art supply sections are rather pricey, so at $5.00+ for the set of 9, and around $12.00+ for the set of 24, I thought this was a pretty good deal. Since receiving them, I have applied them with Q-tips, eye shadow applicators, the applicators that came with them, gauze pads and cotton balls...They just work great without costing a fortune. I would definitely buy them again.

Below are a selection of the applicators I have picked up to use to apply these chalks to my artwork:

All of the things you see here look like the "real" applicators, but they all came from a chain drug store, and are cotton swabs, eye shadow applicators, gauze pads, cotton pads, just anything I can find to get the color put down on the paper and blended.  Below is a page before the chalk highlights:
and then finally, the same picture after adding some shading with the chalk:

I like it much better after adding some distressing look from the chalk to the paper. And finally, a picture of the front of the book, making it look nothing like the original book, but looking just right for my  purposes!
Thanks for looking, and Happy Creating!

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